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Not sure if this matters...

I just noticed, that if I comment on someone's discussion, it doesn't automatically follow that discussion anymore. While this can be useful, I have several times posted on a conversation I wanted to follow, and then had to go back to follow it, because it didn't do that. Thoughts? Comments? Is this just me? AM I GOING CRAZY?!

September 27, 2017



That's odd; in all of my years on Duolingo discussions would never "follow automatically" if I commented on them, or if it was my own. I've always had to manually press the follow button in order to follow a discussion. Is that not normal? Is it supposed to automatically follow? It could be just me, though...


That's not the way it has always worked for me. Maybe we are all part of a big A/B test, and have been for years.


I've been here 4 years this month and this is the first time I've seen people complain about Duolingo not auto-following discussions they've commented on. I've read people complaining they hate the auto-follow this whole time. O.O (Personally, I also prefer auto-follow. But, then again, I'm a moderator so it's important for me to follow a ton of discussions.)


Also, I just checked and once I commented here, my account auto-followed this discussion.

Currently, there are around 714 a/b tests running. I wonder if no auto-follow is among them. I didn't spot it in my account's data. I'll see if I can find anything out.


Weird. I don't like the auto-follow. Maybe it should be a setting or something.


JUST HAPPENED AGAIN! I wasn't following my own discussion!


it does the same thing for me.... TBH i wish it would just automatically let you follow it.... dont worry it makes me mad too


BTW where did the follow button go so you can follow someones account

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