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Checking progress for courses outside of main language.

What I want to do: Check how far along I am in my German for Spanish course as well as my Spanish for German course. I tried changing my main language in settings then looking at my profile, but that still only shows my progress for German for English and Spanish for English.

This might be simple, and I've tried searching the forums but I cannot figure out how to do it.


September 27, 2017



Edit: I added the link I forgot to embed the first time I posted this. Edited again: Looks like the course switcher has improved since last time I used it. See screenshot.

By progress, do you mean levels? Or, how many skills you've completed?

For levels, if I go to my profile: http://www.duolingo.com/Usagiboy7 (Not my home tab in the blue bar), it shows a bar on the right that has my total XP, level, and XP needed to level up for every course.) This list includes my courses from all base languages to all target languages. To view your profile without typing in your username into the url, hover the mouse over your username in the blue bar at the top of the screen. A menu will drop down. On it, click "Profile".

To check your progress in terms of how many skills you've completed hover mouse over language badge in blue bar at the top of screen:
Switching between subscribed courses


I have massively updated my instructions because it looks like the website has made some improvements since the last time I tried to navigate this. (The course I'm currently working through is on the app. So, I haven't had to navigate switched between courses on the website for a while :P Anyhow, see my edited comment above.) ^_^


Applied to your account, user_ken would want to see your XP in the English from Japanese course. The new course switcher is certainly great, but it changed the way our profiles show up when logged in, making this information harder to come by.


What I really wanted was to see the actual XP number and XP to next level. No matter what I did outside of piguy3's suggestion below would show the XP number for German to Spanish or Spanish to German. Thank you!


After switching your account to a tree from the base language of interest, you can see the XP:


Thank you! Going in an anonymous browser works for me as long as I'm in the language I want to see my XP progress in!


Yes, I am also annoyed because of that. I am also doing several reverse trees and the only place where I can actually see how many XPs I have is in the App. You can see the level on the home page on web, too, but not how many XPs you have. In a way I can understand why they do that, because then I would have like 5 English courses, 3 French, and so on, but I am also annoyed, because each of those courses stands for my hard work and time spent learning by doing those skills. Oh, wel...


To do that you simply go outside of your main language ang go to this link: https://www.duolingo.com/users/"Your user name" after changing "Your user name" with you user name. After that go to the "languages:" section and look for that data, that must be there.


doing this just brings up a giant wall of text with info about my profile. the information may be in there somewhere, but I don't know how to parse it.


Ok, to find that information. go to the giant wall of text and use your internet explorer's finder. I am a hispanophone so in my explorer the option is called "buscar": And search for the word "to_next_level".

For example I did it on my page and appeared this code: [{"streak":0,"language_string":"Esperanto","points":0,"learning":false,"language":"eo","level":1,"current_learning":false,"sentences_translated":0,"to_next_level":60},


"language_string" = The language you want to check.

"points" = This shows how many xp you have in this language.

"to_next_level" = Shows you how many xp do you need to reach the next level.

So that must be enough to find the data you want.


Gracias! Knowing the right string makes it easy to search!


You're welcome.

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