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"Das sind ein Hund und eine Katze."

Translation:These are a dog and a cat.

September 28, 2017



"That is a dog and a cat" should be accepted.


It's gramatically wrong, we can't say that is a dog and cat, cause dog and cat are mor than one, so we should use THESE


The English isn't technically ungrammatical but it sounds very unnatural. One would be much more likely to say: That is a dog and a cat.


Shouldn't it be "diese sind ein Hund und eine Katze" if its to mean 'these'?

I've always thought that 'das' was referring to singular nouns


As a pronoun, das (and dies) can refer to either plural or singular things.

If you used diese here, the meaning would be something like "These ones are a dog and a cat".


It's very similar to French when you "Ce sont" for "these are" even though "ce sont" literally translates to "this/that are" . I boil it down to an expression.


If I change 'das' to 'da' in this sentence, is it grammatically still correct? (regardless of the meaning)


Isnt it supposed to be "einen Hund" since hund is a masculine word?


Me too, I`m searching for a response to your question which is also mine Einen Hund????????


Please see response to GorbyXD below.


Why is it sometimes "Einen Hund" and the other times "Ein Hund"?


Simple answer: "essen" (to be) doesn't affect the case of the predicate, so "Das ist ein Hund" is correct. More thorough answer: If the verb requires the accusative case (the direct object of a transitive verb), then the masculine article declines to "den" or "einen," such as in "Ich habe einen Hund" or "Ich möchte einen Hund." If the verb is intransitive, the masculine article is normally in the dative case "dem" or "einem", such as "Ich gebe dem (einem) Hund das (ein) Spielzeug." In the case of the verb "essen" (to be), it is a copular verb and so it doesn't affect the case of the predicate; it remains in the nominative case: "Das ist ein Hund." Think of it as a math equation: "this equals that" or "that equals this."


sein is to be I believe essen is to eat


It's a little annoying how you will get the question wrong by not including a second 'a', even if your answer shows that you know the meaning of Ein and Eine.


The English translation makes my head hurt. "Das ist ein hund und eine katze" seems more coherent


Grammatically speaking for English, noone would ever say "these are a ...". It would often either be "this/that is a dog and a cat" or "those are dogs and cats". If you're going to say "these" then the more correct way to say it would be "these are dogs and cats" because "these" is plural but "a + singular noun" is singular.


Never say never. Yes, some people would say that, I among them.


Should it not be 'Das sind einen Hund und eine Katze.'? Could you please spare a moment to explain it to me? Thanks.


Das ist ein Hund und eine Katze. This translation is much more used in german..


In my opinion , there is a translate mistake , shouldnt it this are a dog and a cat , but according to response the truth is this is a dog and a cat . Actually , i dont get it can someone explain it to me ?


In English you have a choice between this/that is and these/those are. You cannot mix this/that with are and these/those with is. Having said that, you can say these/those are a cat and a dog. It is grammatically correct, but less natural, less idiomatic, than that is a cat and a dog. English does not allow the equivalent of das sind or ce sont.


This is a hard language


Why not " Das sind einen hund und eine katze"? Please give your opinion


It said in an earlier exercise that "dies sind ein Hund und eine Katze" meant "these are a cat and a dog" now they've changed it to "das sind". Which one is correct? I'm confused "das sind" sounds wrong.


Same her. So confused.


Listening to it several times now and each time it sounds like she is saying Hun-CH, not Hund.


Nein, klingt eher wie hunT... jedenfalls sehr undeutlich diese stimme...


I went with that is a dog and a cat


Nothing is wrong with the English grammar.


It may be technically correct but it sounds very unnatural and no native English speaker would say that.


Why not "Das ist"?


Because it's refering to both the dog and cat making it They,


This is not gramatically correct but okay

[deactivated user]

    While I understand the grammar involved and I translated it this way, it would be very odd to hear someone in the United States say "these are a dog and a cat." It would be far more likely to hear a singular article and verb, however ungrammatical that might be. "It's a dog and a cat" "that's a dog and a cat" "this is a dog and a cat." Even in answer to the question, "What are these?" you would be more likely to hear "It's a dog and a cat" than "these are a dog and a cat." I can think of scenarios where one MIGHT answer "these are" but they're very rare (such as a German asking "Was sind das?" "Das sind ein Hund…." But would a German ask the question that way? I don't think so.)


    Juste pour "? " cest faux Faut mieux exprimer l'intonation !


    These are a dog and a cat? The Grammar is shocking


    An apple and an orange. Not singular, but plural subject. A dog and a cat. Not singular, but plural.


    This is a dog and a cat. It's the correct grammar


    Why do they use "sind" instead of "ist"?


    Why isn't it "einen" for the dog? Isn't the dog the masculine accusative?


    Sorry but i would rather just say "Das ist ein hund und eine katze"


    So 'das' means 'this', 'that' and 'the'? How do you tell the difference?


    These are a dog?


    The answer provided is unrelated to the question


    Why plural ?


    It should be 'that is a cat and a dog'


    These are a dog and a cat is wrong. Should be: that is a dog and a cat.


    okay so das means : that, and these. also those maybe?


    Why is it not"einen Hund" since it an accustive form of masculine and it needs to be changed as it is mentioned in earlier notes.


    Why isn't it 'einen hund' in this sentence?


    Could it also translate to THOSE instead of these, since das can be either this or that?


    Shouldn't this be "This is a dog and this is a cat"?...


    Das ist ein Hund und das (or diese) ist eine Katze. Different sentence.


    It is correct. Why does dulingo mark it wrong?


    I was very sure about 'Das' that its always followed by singular subject. N sind Followed by Plural one. But its shocking Das ist - Correct with singular noun. Das Sind - Correct with Plural noun. Its confusing. Plz help me with this। "Das sind ein Hund und eine Katze"


    It can not be ( These are a dog and a cat.) These means plural and can't be are a dog. So the tenses srr wrong. Someone correct me because I can't just get it


    My german girlfriends agrees, this sentence is bad deutch and English


    I said "there is a dog and a cat," as all other options sounded unnatural.


    These are a dog? Omg. Well done duo. Your grammar sucks


    Uh Duo, I think it's time to take your German and English lessons...


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    Yes i agree. Its a wrong grammar in english


    "Those are a dog and a cat" doesn't sound right maybe these are a dog and a cat would sound better

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