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Will the language stay the same if I learn a different language?

I have recently started learning French, but I would like to learn spanish on the same account. Please reply.

September 28, 2017



Yeah, it will stay the same. I learn nine languages on the same account, and some people learn more than that.


You can indeed learn more than one language on the same account. If you choose to do another language, just click on the little flag symbol by your name at the top of the page to switch between them.


To add to the great comments people have already made here, if you choose a course with a different base language (the language from which you are learning another language--whatever your base languages is, the whole website will written in it.) and if your stats for other base languages disappear from view, don't panic. They haven't been erased. They will be there once you return to a matching base language. :)

Edit: Ok so I thought that changed a while ago so it didn't happen. I just checked, and it looks like I was right. My stats for other base languages no longer disappear. :)


Oh I see what to do know!!!

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