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Finding weekly incubator updates?

Hello fellow language lovers, wondering if anyone has a tip on finding the weekly incubator updates on this forum? As we can no longer use user profiles to find them (clicking on what they had commented on etc) I find it near impossible to find them! Last I knew there was one from jrikhal and one from jitengore? Just searching on the forum doesn't give me the most up to date one really and short of scrolling through all the threads I don't really know how to find them! It's a pity as I really enjoy reading them

Thanks in advance!

September 28, 2017



Just bookmark/follow the post that is a manual index of them.


How do you find the manual index?


I just check the General (Duolingo in English) Popular tab. (Not the "Discussion stream" popular tab. That one contains the stickies from every forum you're subscribed to. General tab has several stickes, but far fewer.) The Weekly Incubator Update is always a popular post. So, the new ones hang out there quite often.

How to find the "Popular" tab for only the English General forum
Click here to enlarge image

However, jimnicholson's link is also much appreciated and the faster route. ^_^

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