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  5. How does duolingo earn money?


How does duolingo earn money?

Everything on duolingo is free so how does it earn money??

September 28, 2017



Ads and In-App purchases.


Also, as shows here, they made money off of Immersion, before the feature was discontinued somewhat recently.


I lost my 66-day streak a few days ago and I opened the app and it asked me if I wanted to pay 6.99 USD to restore my streak. I said no lol.


7 bucks!? They asked this guy for $20USD!



maybe price depends on the streak number, like higher it is more you have to pay (moment of silence for those with a streak up in the thousands, lol)


That would be cruel.


A related question might be "does Duolingo earn money?" It's had quite a lot of venture capital invested in it - but whether it's anywhere close to making a profit seems to be a guarded secret. Whether it charges for silly features or has advertisements doesn't actually mean that it's making a profit.


It didn't make a profit for the first five years. They are trying a lot of different things right now to make sure Duolingo survives, so different a/b groups to test different monitezaton strategies. I am guessing that is why different people are being offered different rates for streak repair. They are testing which amount is most viable to ask. A company can't use venture capital forever. So, it makes sense that since their other strategies weren't enough to make a profit, they are branching out.

While I don't like seeing ads, I'm willing to. I like that Duolingo exists and I want it to keep existing. So, kudos to the monitezation team for their hard work. Duolingo won't survive without them and they get a lot of negativity sent their way but keep doing their best.


Yeah, I started getting ads when they updated on the website. It's a little annoying, but inevitable when you have people spending this kind of time putting a website together.

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