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Lost 45 day streak even though xp points were obtained that day?

Yesterday (sept 26) i had my 45 day streak and i did my lessons to achieve my goal, the 46 day streak showed up, however today (sept 27) my streak was gone. I didn't changed my timezone or anything, please help

September 28, 2017



Did you obtain sufficient amount of points? It's possible you set the bar for 50 exp per day and did less.


Yes , I set it to 20 xp per day


And did you reach 20 xp yesterday?


Quite a few people have had problems with streaks due to Web instability.

Perhaps that's the problem.

I experienced problems while on holiday in the Swiss Alps last month due to poor WiFi and again this week due to DL being slow. It has meant I have done my XP but they were not recorded. Fortunately I noticed this and was able to ensure I did not lose my streak.

This is how I have managed. I hope some of this helps you for the future.

Firstly I check there is a steel freeze in place. I have only used it twice, but it has preserved my streak when I haven't noticed DL did not record my streak. I am alert to the possibility of DL failing to record my streak now since it has done so previously twice, so always lookout for that. I check to see that there is a green tick on the streak icon showing the streak has been recorded.

As well as that I have my XP goal set at 1xp as I think this may take less time to register it when DL is slow. I don't know if this is the case, but it is just my guess. I do only one question on a timed practice to get that one XP. After that I do as many XP as I want.

On top of that, I have set my tablet so that it doesn't automatically update my apps, as this week I am again on holiday in a mountainous area with poor WiFi and using my tablet not my laptop. Updating my apps when set to automatic seems to take precedence over updating my streak.

It seems a lot of effort, but it is a way that I have managed on the occasions DL is particularly slow.

Don't give up. All the questions you have answered have given you extra language practice, even if the skills have not been recorded, so they have not been wasted. You have done so well to get to level 11 in 45 days. A really good start.

Do you like hugs? If so, here's a hug to help you feel better. (((( HUG )))).

Edit. Please see https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24593234


Thanks, I am checking the website thread right now, I've never used the streak freeze but I guess there is always a first time for everything. It is a bit painful to lose the streak but you are right, at least I learned new stuff. Thanks for the hug too


Have a lingot and an upvote too!

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