"Kesy Iōno lentor issa."

Translation:This is Jon's family.

September 28, 2017

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What a nice language, lentor can mean both Family and House.


I think it means "house" in the context of house arryn. I may be wrong though


Hello all, my traduction was:

This is the John´s family

I create than my translation is right . Only than not is the system

What is your opinion?

I speak spanish also


You wouldn't say "the" john. also: translation not traduction; (I think) I think that my translation is right, only the system does not accept it.


I thought "bisy" pointed at people and "kesy" at things... When using "kesy" in this sentence, doesn't that exclude the meaning of "family", making the meaning of the sentence "This is John's HOUSE" (or what have I misunderstood...?


"Family" is an abstract concept. I think "animate" is only for "animate" things like actual persons or animals, not concepts like "family" or "company".

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