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"Dw i'n hoffi'r llew a'r crancod."

Translation:I like the lion and the crabs.

September 28, 2017



Why isnt the 'r said in the sentance?


It is spoken, just not very obviously.


Woild 'I like the lion and the crab' be right, or does crabs need to be plural in this sentence


"Crancod", crabs, is the plural form of "Cranc", crab, so yes: it must be "crabs" in this sentence.


I just had this to type and told I was wrong for hoffi 'r llew, as it should be hoffi r llew, then only give the option of "'r", so which is it? Which should I learn and why is the same sentence not consistent 2 exercises running for that?


Since I posted with a similar problem, I have found out that there is a big bug in Duolingo that stops it processing apostrophes and hyphens correctly. There is an apostrophe and, as in most languages there is no space when you have elision like this so it should be hoffi'r. If you do that it may say you have a typo but it should not be wrong.


There should be a separate tile for a'r and hoffi'r / licio'r etc., as there is with i'n. Being on a separate tile indicates a space.


Yes, this is inconsistent and I think the reasons are historical, relating to the writers making different attempts at resolving the bugs in Duolingo, and not understanding what would work best when they started. You would have thought Duolingo would have resolved the best way to do this as there are similar issues in languages such as French and English where the courses were written years before the Welsh one.

Of course there is nothing anywhere that says the tiles should only represent full words, and I don't actually know if grammarians consider hoffi'r to be one word or two. Certainly it is not a 'word' you will find in many dictionaries. Ap Geiriaduron does not have hoffi'r or 'r. GPC does have 'r listed as a variant of yr. Wiktionary actually gives 'r its own entry.

Personally I find it easier when they are separate tiles when translating, and I don't mind which they do when dictating, but it is really annoying when they are not consistent as you do not know which tile you are supposed to be looking for. Sometimes they even give you a hoffi tile and a hoffi'r tile. Then you find and pick the hoffi, only to find there is no 'r.

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