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  5. "Piju svůj čaj."

"Piju svůj čaj."

Translation:I am drinking my tea.

September 28, 2017



In Russian, Пью свой чай, P'ju svoj čaj. So similar! I love Slavic Languages


In Serbian:

Pijem svoj čaj / Пијем свој чај

I also love Slavic languages :)


In Russian, Пьём свой чай means "we're drinking our tea." When you say "I" in Serbian, it sounds like the "royal we" to Russian ears. :-)


Yes, but what is the difference between "Piju muj caj" and "Piju svuj caj"??? Sorry, I don´t have thecorrect letters.


There is no difference in this sentence. But when you say "Vezmi si svůj čaj, ne můj" (Take your tea, not mine) then, there is clear difference.

Anyway we would (almost) never say "piju svůj/můj čaj". We say mostly only "piju čaj."


Same in Russian. We wouldn't say пью свой чаи, p'ju svoj čaj. Just пью чай, p'ju čaj.


svůj means "one's own," in this case "my own."


As ValaCZE wrote, you can use either here.

You would use můj when you want to very strongly stress that it is your tea that you drink and not someone else's.

Piju svůj čas also informs that is your tea that you drink, but does not stress it so strongly for me.


svůj means "one's own," so when referring to the first person conjugation, it means "my," second-person means "your," third-person means "his, her, its," etc.

On pijí svůj čaj, "He's drinking his tea," for example.


Yes, "my" is a good translation here. How else would you translate into idiomatic English?

"I am drinking own tea?" I don't think so! Sounds like a parody of a Russian, Czech or Pole in a nightclub act.


You can say i'm drinking my own tea.. not many circumstances where you'd say it.. probably just as in Czech.. most likely time you'd hear it is if someone accused you of taking/drinking their tea when you didn't..

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