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Les toilettes = the bathroom?

I thought that "the bathroom' was "La salle de bain" but today I was marked incorrect with DL saying the correct answer was Les toilettes.

As this question did not have a discussion option I've come here to query the veracity of that.

If this is an instance where both options are correct shouldn't that be reflected in the answer DL accepts?

To me, "Les toilettes" would be more correctly translated as "The toilets" which is not necessary somewhere one could take a bath!!!!

September 28, 2017



Thanks for your responses, I agree with both :] My query is why, when asked to translate "bathroom" into french , DL would mark " salle de bain" incorrect . Is there somewhere to report this as there wasn't a report or discussion option attached to the question?


I would need to know which exercise you had to do, what you submitted exactly and what the computer-checker's response was or, even better, a screenshot.


It was a straight translation exercise. DL gave "the bathroom" in english & I had to translate it to the french equivalent. I understand that "le toilette" is one translation but cannot understand why "la salle de bain" was marked incorrect. If I get this question again I'll forward it to this discussion forum.


When you get an incorrect response that you believe is correct, you can flag it immediately, before moving to next question.

I think this refines the Duo experience, as someone (moderator or staff) will review the feedback and decide/act accordingly

Apologies, just noticed you said there's no report/comment option. Dunno, then. Hopefully someone will notice it and fix it.


Certainly hope so! :]


Au Québec, il me semble que si tu parles de "salle de bains" tu inclus automatiquement la présence d'une cuvette de WC, ce qui fait que si tu demandes la "salle de bains" à tes invités, ils devinent que tu as envie de soulager un brin tes intestins et pas du tout envie de prendre une douche.

Ami Québécois ? Votre sentiment ?

Pour ma part, j'ai constaté (après cent mille autres, bien sûr) que par contagion certains termes québecois sont des décalques de l'anglais, d'où :

"bathroom" = " salle de bains à la française + "toilettes à la française". Les deux pour un seul mot !


I think it's an Americanism - referring to what Brits would call the loo as a 'bathroom'.


Well, what do Americans call the room with a bath in it, then?


Also a bathroom. But I understand (maybe incorrectly) that they use the same term for the room that contains nothing but toilets/loos/WC.

Duo is an American app, so it's only to be expected. Although I would also say that it does very well at including the British terminology - e.g., pants/trousers


In the US, one uses "Restroom" when one is in a place that only offers toilets and sinks for washing hands (e.g., restaurants, churches, stadiums); also, "Men's room" or "Ladies room" (curiously, apostrophe for men's room, but not for ladies). One may also use "lavatory" without fear of being misunderstood.


I thought so too, in which case, the OP's answer should still be correct, even if we are to restrict ourselves to US usage.


TOILETTES (WC)= restroom SALLE DE BAIN= bathroom


I have just done The Restaurant and was shown three pictures and asked which one is The Bathroom. None of them was of a bathroom but that is because the Americans and to my knowledge only the Americans, call public toilets bathrooms. It would be nice if Duolingo used the other American word 'Restroom' or the more commonly used word 'Toilets'. The correct French translation for The Bathroom would be La Salle de Bain. Duolingo, if you insist on having The Bathroom could you at least put The Bathroom / The Toilets for those of us who speak the Queen's English.


I question Duolingo's obsession with toilets.

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