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Immersion vote count bug?

I was looking at my translation tier today and noticed that I had received a downvote that wasn't there previously. Curious which sentence it had been for, I followed the link using "show votes". For this particular sentence, it displays 2 upvotes and 1 downvote, however when I navigate to the sentence in the article I see 5 "looks good" votes and 0 "looks wrong" votes. What's going on here?

April 2, 2014



It sounds as though someone may have hit 'looks wrong' by mistake and changed it to 'looks good' - as with many things, certain features on the site take time to catch up.


I thought this might be the case, however the vote count has since been updated (with my translations from yesterday) and the mysterious downvote remains.


Is there no mechanism in place to check if a vote has been reverted? Can a staff member weigh in on this?

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