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I can't listen what duolingo says.What should i do?

September 28, 2017



Write anything down that you can see on the field below,what they want for you. Or you must click for help and wait for support and that they fix the problem for you. Good luck!


Hi, if you mean you don't hear the spoken exercises, and you're on the web, go to your Account Settings and make sure your speaker is turned on. Also, make sure your pc/device has audio in the first place (not muted or boxes turned off =p).

In general, if you have technical issues, it's best to go to the Troubleshooting Forum, check if a similar problem has been posted recently, and either comment there or start a new discussion with as much details as possible/relevant. In your case, what version of Duo are you using, what have you tried (unsuccessfully), since when do you have this problem?

Good luck with your issue!


Yes, I have done my "homework" and checked to see if everything is operating as it should. My problem is I'm losing my hearing. Two of my nephews do the "listening'' for me in addition to my wife (if she is not busy with other appts.), I would like to be able to read all of the translations-to-be. I have collectible books from Germany my grandfather left me & I want to read them. I'll never be traveling abroad again, so I don't think the hearing & speaking is as important as the ability to read.


I have done it already


You should make sure that your sound is on

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