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"Dych chi'n mynd i Aberdaron bore Gwener?"

Translation:Are you going to Aberdaron on Friday morning?

September 28, 2017



Why isn't it bore dydd Gwener?


Think Of It This Way, Friday Means Frigg's Day, So Friday Morning Would Be Frigg's Day's Morning, Or Frigg's Morning For Short, It's The Same Principle In Welsh, Dydd Gwener Is Venus's Day, Bore Dydd Gwener Is Venus's Day's Morning, Or Venus's Morning, Bore Gwener, For Short.


Same question from me as well.


as i understand it in welsh you can either say bore gwener or bore dydd gwener - same with prynhawn and nos. You can leave out the dydd if you have the time of day.


As I understand it, the dydd is included when talking about days to avoid confusion between dydd Mawrth (Tuesday) and mis Mawrth (March). For similar reasons, the mis is included to avoid confusion between mis Hydref (October) and Hydref (Autumn). However, as Jehra2 stated, if you are talking about a particular time of day, e.g. bore Mawrth, prynhawn Gwener, you can leave out the dydd. That's only my understanding of it though.


I didn't realise mis Hydref and Hydref were different things (October is in autumn anyway so makes sense in that way). That's helpful to know. I have noticed that when referring to days of the week singularly it is written 'dydd Llun' but have four D's when inserted in sentences especially queries, like this 'ddydd Sul' etc.


Dydd llun is 'Monday', ddydd llun is 'on Monday'


In the previous lesson i was taught "bore dydd Gwener" was correct and now the dydd is dropped. Thank you for the explanations above but given that why did the previous lesson include the dydd?

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