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"She is a girl and I am a boy."

Translation:Ea este o fată și eu sunt un băiat.

September 28, 2017



Isn't "fată" already a girl? Why do I have to put the article "o" in front of the subject?


fată on means girl. fata is 'the girl' o fată is 'a girl' față is face.


How come i wrote it correctly and double checked as duolingo states its incorrect.??????


Sometimes it does that to me too.


Girl=fată Boy=băiat Man=bărbat Woman=femeie


Duo marks this as incorrect, a bug.


Since it's possible to skip "un" before baiat, is it also possible to skip "o" before fata?


In my opinion yes. In Romanian, at least in the one I am using for 29 years already, Eu sunt fată și el e băiat sounds perfectly ok.


No, because then it would only say "she is girl" and the indefinite article is needed in Romanian.


But earlier, Duolingo allowed me to drop the "un" from "un băiat" in order to say "a boy."

I assumed that we could do the same for "a girl," where either "o fată" or simply "fată" were both acceptable.

Are you saying that the scenario above with "băiat"--where Duolingo accepted the omission of "un"--was the result of an error and that we should always include the indefinite article before the noun no matter what?


My keyboard doesn't have several of the accents and symbols of Romanian alphabet!


I'm not clear why sometimes I'm penalized for typing "Ea sunt o fatá" or "Ea esta fatá" what is difference?

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