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Spanish grammar book

Could You recommend me some good grammar book? My native language is Polish so the book written in this language would be awesome, but English is OK too.

June 28, 2012



One of my favorites is "Spanish Verbs and Essentials of Grammar" by Ima W. Ramirez. It is concise, clear, and complete. If it is no longer in print I am sure that it can be found at vendors of used books.


I like the Barron´s series, there is a verb conjugation book and a separate grammar book that are real small (fit in your hand bag easily) and cheap, but full of info. The verb conjugations book ¨Spanish Verbs¨ is great because it has all the different tenses (14!) conjugated for many verbs and a list of those not given by which other verb´s pattern they follow. The beginning is a detailed explanation of when to use each of the 14 tenses (with many examples!) The ¨Spanish Grammar¨ Barron´s one is good too. They´re each about 8 dollars US. Little yellow books and they have them for other languages too.

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