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  5. "저는 선생님으로 취직해요."

"저는 선생님으로 취직해요."

Translation:I get a job as a teacher.

September 28, 2017



I wrote "I get a job as a teacher", but was corrected to "I will get a job as a teacher." I cannot see the future tense used in the sentence, but is my translation still wrong?


No, you're right. Report the mistakes if you find one


i get a job as a teacher is accepted. 5 Nov 2018


Awkward, very awkward in English: I get a job as....

If speaking about now, should use: I have a job as..., or I got (colloquial present/recent past action);

if speaking about future or intention: I will get a job as...or I will have a job.


"I got a job as a teacher" is accepted.


저는 先生님으로 就職해요.


Curious about input from others—is there any pronunciation difference between 취 and 치? Is that 우 without any effect?


There is; 취 = chwi, while 치 = chi. The 우 is there but the voiceover for the Korean course is a bit off at times. You can hear it briefly.


Honorifics (님) in first person are not appropriate!


님 is an honorific suffix. It is extremely inappropriate to apply honorifics to one's self. It should just be 선생. This is one of a dozen glaring errors I have found in the course so far.


I am a native Korean Speaker from South Korea. It is a honorific suffix however saying 선생님 is right. The job name is just 선생님.


I see, thanks. I should have looked more closely at the sentence in question. I had assumed two different people.


Despite this being accepted, the purpose of this is to correctly teach another language. Therefore, I think it would be better if this was corrected to "I will be hired as a teacher." Or "I will get a job as a teacher." The Korean phrase is also awkward...


I wonder if the second "a" is really that important? The pattern "a job as [occupation]" seems OK to me.


In English, it is necessary. Some languages will omit the indefinite article for statements of occupation, but English is not one of them.

Sometimes you can omit the indefinite article for job position/title, but it indicates specificity and usually the name of the position. Acceptable: "I just got a job as Director of Marketing" or "I got a job as Director of Marketing at Example Corp." Unacceptable: "I got a job as teacher." Acceptable: "I got a job as Head Teacher."

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