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I bought a syrup (medical device) in a shop this morning. The translation in German in the box reads ZUSAMMENSETZUNG for the composition/ingredients. I thought that this word meant 'composition' as in something regarding words, structures or a chemical compound; is it also used to mean a bunch of ingredients, like 'Zutaten'?

Hope someone would help me. Thank you! Gaia

September 28, 2017


Yes, sometimes they are the same. But your definion is correct: "Zusammensetzung"=composition or chemical compound.

By "Zusammensetzung" you can read all the compositions of the medicine.

Zusammensetzung= Wirkstoffe+weitere Bestandteile. You read at "Zusammensetzung"

  • the drugs (~"Wirkstoffe"), these are the stuff which help you to feel better,

  • and you can see the additional ingredients (~weitere Bestandteile) like something for a better taste.

Like you already know, "Zusammensetzung" can differ from "Zutaten". Let's look at a beer. The German beer contains alcohol. You will not find "alcohol" as ingredient (=Zutat), because nobody added alcohol. ~weil niemand Alkohol dazu tat.

Thank you very much! You were very helpful.

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