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Easy to read or listen to Romanian Websites

I've found 'Peppa Pig' on You Tube to practice listening skills, but has anyone found some very easy (I guess at the level of a 2 year old) books (or similar) on the Internet I can practise reading skills with please.

Or even easy Romanian children's programmes (again toddler level is about my level of understanding) even though I'm midway through the third stage of the tree, as I find newspapers more difficult (except the medical pages as medical terms are very similar to English).


September 28, 2017



Try the Romanian Wikipedia they got a great article about money from ancient rome that is better than the english one and they got big articles on few other things too.


Someone on this site said in another thread that he found and read some children's books which are available also in Romanian:

So, I started with the easiest, almost embarrassingly easy material that I could find: children's picture books. I read every book on this list: http://goo.gl/2CDM4Q


Thanks both of you. I've just read an interesting article on onions, although I didn't know all the words, a lot one can guess from English terms. The children's books are still a bit difficult!

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