Translation:아무 때나

September 28, 2017



I was told to translate this word before learning it. Why is this a recurring theme with this course?


You can click on top of it to see the translation


Well duh :P My point is twofold:

  1. At the time I posted this, it didn't give a translation on tap or hover when it presented it to me for the first time

  2. Although this particular word/grammar mix isn't directly translatable with pictures, there are a strikingly large amount of words that could be easily described in a picture, that are simply given as a golden tappable/hoverable translation. It's not a very good format for cementing the word in one's head, and more often than not leads to forgotten words

어쨌든 도와주봐서 감사합니다 ^^


That part is intended since you can learn from the word's translation, but new words are supposed to be highlighted as such and seldom actually have been in this course...


Why 언제든지 not accepted?


언제든지 is technically "whenever." That said, the meaning of both words is pretty much the same in both English and Korean, so I would mark it as an additional translation for them to add


Because you get questions in random order rather than the original one, made by course creator. You can also notice it if you do half of the lesson, quit and start it again. Order of questions this time will be different.

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