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  5. "Nós somos boas pessoas."

"Nós somos boas pessoas."

Translation:We are good people.

March 12, 2013



In portuguese-Br this sounds bad..it is right to say "Nós somos pessoas boas".... ou "nós somos boa gente"......


Pessoas vs. Gente ? What's the difference .......obrigado :)


They are synonymous, but can't always be used interchangeably.

As pessoas is more formal. A gente is an exact synonym of nós. You can always use a gente in place of nós (however they are conjugated differently -> nós somos, a gente é; nós gostamos de, a gente gosta de etc.), however, this is informal language. Hope this explains it!


I think the person before confirmed my suspicions but should this not be 'Nos somos pessoas boas'?

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