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"We are not looking at the last pear."

Translation:Nedíváme se na poslední hrušku.

September 28, 2017



Why isn't 'tu' used before posledni in this sentence?


I just got this wrong by (stupidly) changing my answer at the last second to include "tu."

My answer to your question is a GUESS is based on logic, rather than on grammar: If it's the last pear, it's the only pear there. If there's only one pear there, it's not necessary to indicate which pear you're talking about, since it can only be the one that's sitting there.

This logic fails, however, if the pear is the last one in the refrigerator and you don't know that there's only one there, but are asking a general question... Oops. Maybe someone else can give a better explanation!


What is the difference between nedíváme and nekoukáme?


Koukat is colloquial and is used more in Bohemia than Moravia or Silesia, but the meaning is the same.


Thanks vladaFu and mr bass, very helpful. I am still trying to work out the logic of the use of the definite article. That and word order i am finding challenging. I suppose i should listen to the music of the language as languages tend to be illogical.


For me, word order is one of the most challenging aspects of learning Czech. I read the rules, but repeating exercises over and over and over really helps it "stick." Over time, I've started recognizing what sounds (more) right. but I'm definitely not even close to 100%! Maybe that's my version of "listening to the music of the language."


I answered Nedíváme na poslední hrušku and I'm not quite sure when I need to use "se". Could someone explain?


"Dívate se" is "to look". You cannot separate it. The "se" is a part of the reflexive verb.


It said using My was wrong: reported. My nedíváme se na poslední hrušku


It is not that using my is wrong. Rather, it is that, with my as the first word in your sentence, it violates the second position rule by bumping se out of the second position. "My se nedíváme na poslední hrušku" is accepted.

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