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"The sheep sleeps on the opposite side."

Translation:양이 건너편에서 자요.

September 28, 2017



I also noticed they took away the comment box for Korean sentence is unnatural or awkward. "That's Awkward! lol! It takes a lot of time and people are rushing them to have the Korean site up. The people adding content have done a great job so far. If I was them I would be in the chats all day long to find the little touch ups that need to be fixed.


To get through this you have to memorize which sentences are informal and formal even though both are correct in most cases, as far as I can tell. That is a big an pointless obstacle.


Maybe this could also be 건너편에 자요?


In that case you don't know the sentenceis about the sheep. In Korean they do drop the subject but only when it's understood from the context


Nope. From what I've seen, 에서 is used, when there is a verb being performed at said location/direction


I think no because 에서 implies doing something.


Exactly. -에서 is used when you're actively doing something in a place (or from a place). In this case, we're talking about a sheep (양) that is sleeping in a determined place. "To sleep" is an action verb, not a descriptive verb (which are pretty much adjectives), so that's why -에서 is being used in this sentence

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