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Happy little language things.

What are some language related things that make you happy? Certain words or phrases? something with the community?

one thing that makes me really happy is seeing how many young kids are on duolingo, seeing kids with an interest in languages or taking language classes just makes me smile. Good luck to all you students out there!

September 28, 2017



I love the community here. Everyone's so kind and willing to help out, everyone of you people are awesome!

I also love how Duo teaches Conlangs, like Esperanto, High Valyrian, and Klingon, and the somewhat lesser-known languages, like Guarani, Swahili, Welsh, Irish, Hungarian, Yiddish, Haitian Creole, and Czech.

And I love the incubator. It gives bilinguals the chance to share their knowledge. Not every language website has this. The incubator is simply amazing.

And it's a great method of procrastinating from homework ;)

I just love so many things about this website.


I love the idioms, the phrases that don't make any sense when directly translated. "Mi viene aqualina in bocca", for example, which translates as "My mouth is watering" but which means something like "The spit comes to me in my mouth." Another: "Rovesciare il vino rosso porta bene" (Spilling red wine brings good luck.) I just had a doorman in a hotel in Firenze tell me that knowing such expressions shows a love of and a strength in the language.


Literally everything language related, I love. I'm language obsessed. The way that Duolingo teaches us languages makes me so so so happy because it is so simple, yet way different than other websites.


Duolingo's teaching style is just the best. I've learned more in a three day period than both times I've attempted to learn Spanish before.

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