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  5. "I write a book."

"I write a book."

Translation:저는 책을 씁니다.

September 28, 2017



What's the difference between 적습니다 and 씁니다? Both means write


적습니다 is used when writing down things such as notes, information, etc. 씁니다 is used when writing creative things such as a song, book, story, etc.


고맙다 you helped me a lot


the first is more like "take note, note down, jot down" it doesn't require much thought, e.g. to-do entry, phone number, a math answer from the answer sheet. the second is more "hand write, write prettily, creatively write" which requires effort and thought, e.g. a letter, a song, a essay answer that requires you to think creatively.

source: https://wiseinit.com/%EC%93%B0%EB%8B%A4-%EC%A0%81%EB%8B%A4-korean-words-vs-words-20


It appears to me that 쓰다 could be understood as "compose" which in English is more often used with a piece of somewhat formal work. i.e. an Email, Official Memo, an essay, etc...


적습니다 is used when writing things such as notes, information, etc. 씁니다 is used when writing creative things such as a song, book, story, etc. :)


Why is it 책을 and not 책은?


"는"or"은" can be attached to "저" to indicate that the subject is"me". However, "를"or"을" are attached to a word like "책" to indicate that the object is the "book". Keep going it is hard at first but when you make it a part of your daily life, learning a language get easier with time


읽습니다 vs 씁니다? What the difference it gave me a correct answer with a grammar error.


Is there any difference between 적습니다 and 씁니다?


적다 means mechanical writing while 쓰다 is a creative process (writing an article, a book etc.)


적습니다 is used when taking notes or writing down quick sentences while 씁니다 is used when writing things that need time to think about such as writing a novel


What is the difference between 저는 & 저의 ? Both can be used here.


저는 is the subject and 저의 expresses belonging. Examples: 저는 물 을 마 습 니나. I drink water. 저 의 개 가 물 을 마 습 니 나. My dog drinks water.


When you say "##의" it indicates that "" belongs to "##", whereas, "는" or "은" indicate the subject of a sentence ( "저는" 집에 있읍니다 --> "I" am home)


When I use 나는 and 제는???


I was writing and i don't know what happened it clicked submit and it got accepted.... All i wrote was 나는 칙 not even 책.... So is it really correct? And what does it mean?


Why 책를 isn't correct?


When a word ends with a consonants, the subject marker will be 을 and not 를


'Write' means 'write' on English. Compose means 'compose'. If the two (적습니다 and 씁니다) mean different things in context, then it should never have been used for same meaning on here. Duoringo is more confusing

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