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Why is the continue button after finishing a timed practice sometimes green and sometimes red?

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What do the colors mean?

Edit: screenshots added to make it more clear what I mean:

September 28, 2017


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I noticed the red color first yesterday so I thought this is new. I wondered if the color suggests if it is better to practice again or to continue?

Now that I just had the red color again it seems to me that the red / green color doesn't have any meaning on this page. The color just seems to be red / green when the answer to the last question of the timed practice was wrong / correct.

The red / green color makes sense within the timed practice to indicate if the answer was wrong / correct. But it doesn't make any sense on the page which is shown after you finished the timed practice. Or am I wrong and there is another reason for the red / green color on this page?


ok thxxxxx soooo muchh


No idea. I haven't seen this before. Maybe Luis put it in for some reason? IDK


who's luis???????? IDK

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