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  5. "I take care of the animals."

"I take care of the animals."

Translation:Starám se o zvířata.

September 28, 2017



I believe that the translation should be "starám se o ta zvířata", because of the "the". "Starám se o zvířata" should be "I take care of animals"


Not necesarily if the animals are already known and within the present context.


Thanks, I see what you mean now.


why is it not postaram?


"Já hlídám zvířata" Duolingo říká že to je špatně. Ale proč?


That's 'I guard/watch over/... animals.'


What is the difference between jse and se?


I believe there is no such word as "jse" in Czech. Not on its own. As a part of another word, such as "jsem" and "sem", the version where the beginning "j" is ommitted is colloquial. But either way, "jse" doesn't exist, at least to my knowledge.


I wrote "Ja pecuju o zvirata", why is that wrong?


"Já pečuju o zvířata." is accepted. If you think your answer is correct and you checked for typos and missing accents use "My answer should have been accepted". Without that no-one can say more.


The difference between 'o' and 'na' is really confusing. Are there any specific rules to follow for when to use which one?

I typed 'Starám se na zvířata' and in the suggestions it even says 'na' for 'of', yet it was marked as incorrect.

I know that some language is about the rhythm and the feel of what sounds right as well, so is it down to this? If so, to me, an English speaker, 'se na' flows better than 'se o', so I am struggling to find logic in it.

I feel like I am getting really close to cracking certain aspects, so many times, and then another thing trips me up. Thanks if it can be explained.


learn the verbs with their prepositions. no shortcuts for that.


I was thinking "o" zvirata, but remembering also "na", thinking maybe it could be na. So I did a mouseOver and the dropdown list showed "z" and "na". I read somewhere those were hints, and don't use them much. I'm now guess those are NOT hints but when I put "na" in the answer it said I got it wrong. ;(

Okay, I reported it as "the hints on hover are wrong". So those ARE hints.


Hints work like a dictionary. Not all translations are applicable. These hints are not wrong, please do not report them as such.


I take care of THE animals. Starám se o TA zviřata. Or am I wrong? How can you know if the animals are already known? I mean sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't. For me its a bit randomly or just wrong translated.


Both options are accepted, I do not get what you are after. Please understand that the English sentence is the translation of the Czech sentence.

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