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"You have never even washed a plate."

Translation:Nikdy jsi neumyl ani talíř.

September 28, 2017



Hello! Nikdy jsi neumyl ani talir. Can I also use "nemyl"(imperfective) here? I thought it was a repeated action. Thank you for your advice.


It is a grammatically correct sentence, but it is strange. Normally when you start to wash a plate, you wash it completely. At least in this kind of question. Nikdy jsi nemyl... is like You were never washing... It just does not make a good sense to me for a plate.

Nikdy si nemyl nádobí. is better, that one is not something definite like a plate, but it is about washing up dishes in general. It implies the repeated action, every time someone was washing up, it wasn't you who was doing it.

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