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"Dw i ddim yn gweithio ddydd Iau."

Translation:I am not working on Thursday.

September 28, 2017



I thought this could also mean "I do not work on Thursdays"? That is what I put and it was marked wrong, but maybe I'm wrong?


'...on Thursdays', '...on (a) Thursday' as a habitual thing - ar ddydd Iau.

This is explained in the course notes.


Course notes? Are there any course notes for DuoLingo? How do you find these please? (I had the same question as Huw1211).


At the top of this page (in a web browser), click on 'Topic: Welsh', then on 'Popular' and then look for the sticky discussion 'Course tips and notes'. (https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/17638579)


Ooops, should have read the notes, thanks for taking the time to explain!


Note that some people do not make the distinction is casual use, so you sometimes need to rely on the context or perhaps make your meaning clear in a different way:

  • Dw i'n gweithio bob dydd Iau. - I work every Thursday.


I was marked as incorrect for "I don't work on Thursday", which I would think would carry the same meaning as "I am not working on Thursday"?


If it is a habitual thing - 'on Thursdays' or 'on a Thursday' - then the Welsh would be ar ddydd Iau:

  • Dw i ddim yn gweithio ar ddydd Iau. - I do not work on [a Thursday/Thursdays]. (habitual)
  • Dw i ddim yn gweithio ddydd Iau. - I am not working on Thurday. (a one-off event)


Thank you for the explanation! In this case, I am not sure that "I do not work on Thursday" is necessarily a habitual statement, like "I do not work on Thursdays/a Thursday" would be. I would see the statement as referring to a singular Thursday, in the same way that "I am not working on Thursday".


I agree with this. "I don't work on Thursday" to me means specifically that I am not going to be working this coming Thursday, not that I regularly don't work on Thursday.


Where can i find the course notes please? Are they on the app? Thanks


Here is a web page of all the Duolingo tips & notes:-



Does anyone know why ddydd is written with double d at the beginning of the word in this, sentence?


Hi Emmy - this is in the notes, too! They probably explain it better than I can, but basically it's a way of making the sentence mean "on Thursday" (i.e. dydd Iau = Thursday and ddydd Iau = on Thursday). But if you're saying on Thursday morning, or on Thursday afternoon then you don't have to change dydd to ddydd (perhaps the bore and prynhaun make the sense clear?) Hope that helps.

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