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I Love this New Feature Showing More Info About Gender of Words in Hover-over Hints

I noticed this just now:

Screenshot of new feature

This is incredibly useful to me...it provides the useful information of when a word has multiple possible meanings (such as Masculine singular + Non-gender-specific Plural, which is common in German).

I think little details like this make DuoLingo more efficient for learning. I could imagine too that a feature like this would take quite a lot of work to implement because someone would have to build a database of the words. Thank you so much to all the people who made this happen, and please keep up the great work!

September 28, 2017



Thank you for this information.I have a difficult time with the gender of words, but I have been using the mobile app. The program is wonderful.


Apparently this feature isn't available on mobile, according to the user who posted above. This is yet another reason (I gave others in my comment elsewhere in this thread) to use the web app instead of mobile.


We dont have this on mobile


This is one of my smaller complaints about mobile...my advice to people is that if you're serious about learning a language, use it on desktop.

I think one of the biggest issues with mobile is that a lot of it is choosing words from a list, essentially "multiple choice", and this doesn't develop the sort of open-ended recall skill that is required to actually speak. It also doesn't develop the impeccable spelling skills that the web app does, and I find this actually relates to pronunciation, because when I master spelling, I find it makes me pay more attention to pronunciation as well, and this in turn improves my listening comprehension. Basically, when I compare my own experience and that of other friends who use DuoLingo primarily or exclusively on the web, to those who use it only on smartphone, I notice a big difference in our language ability. I think people tend to get much more out of a similar amount of time/effort when using the web app relative to the mobile app.

Even if the features were all the same, learning a language takes a big investment of time and using a smartphone for that long a period of time can have strong negative effects on both physical and mental health, see this source.


Because mobile is garbage.


I've been on the app for the most part, and it does have this feature. The new look for duolingo website does look more similar to the app.

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