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  5. "오십 퍼센트의 할인"

"오십 퍼센트의 할인"

Translation:Fifty percent discount

September 28, 2017



Is it necessary to use -의 before or does it sound find/natural without it?


"Fifty percent off" should be accepted


Not exactly since 할인 refers to more of a discount that is 50% than saying "50% will be cut off."

You could have a meaning more similar to 50% off if you say 50% 깎다, but usually thats used as a sentence like "50프로 깎았다," (the price was cut 50%) "50프로 깎아줄게" (i'll cut the price 50% for you

Usually in stores you could see signs saying 50% 할인 or even just the word "sale" in big capital letters with the discounted price or the percentage


No, he's right. 'Cutting off' the price is giving a discount, these are literally the same meaning in English.


I'm not sure when there would be a difference in meaning between the two. Can someone give an example?

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