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New Topics on the Language Tree. . .

Just me being curious: What new topics would you like to see come about on your Duolingo language Tree(s) (from any language course). And (other than the fact that the Topic is not part of the Tree)... why??


September 28, 2017



I think that there should be ones that have links to tv shows or music that you can listen to as a language. Or maybe having that as a lab.


Ahh, good Idea

(Loving the profile pic XD !!!)


A Slang skill or bonus skill, because I'm sure that Spanish people don't talk normally all the time.


I've got one for you. ¿Qué onda? literally, what wave. Is used to mean "What's up?".



Me gusta! Muchas gracias!


Well thought out ;)


I would really like to see a skill on world currencies as this can be very helpful for tourists who have to exchange currency. For example it would be very helpful for someone to know how to say “How many Euros can I get with 50 USD?”


I never thought of that before! If they did make a topic for that, at least I could walk into a foreign bank and ask them where they keep their pound notes . . . Hehe XD


I'd love to see a bonus skill of famous movie quotes or maybe song lyrics.


Yes! Movie quotes or song lyrics from movies or songs in the language we are studying!


Anything which is more related to using a language "in context", stories, real-world examples, inter person dialogs (e.g Digital Publishing language courses), didactical drilling a person to "speak" a language from day 1 / days 30/60/90 and following (and NO, this is NOT what Duolingo is doing, neither on day 1, day 90 or day 322).

Here are some suggestions from the Mondly tree topics: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23524002/Mondly-languages-added-19-new-topics-to-their-tree


Took the words out of my mouth. I got frustrated on Mondly that you can only do the first section (Hello) before you have to purchase additional lessons. I think many people want to be proficient in a foreign language especially for travelling purposes, so topics like "medical emergency" "booking a hotel" "ordering food from a restaurant" would be very appropriate. I took five years of French in high school, and the finished tree is still not to the same degree of mastery I had my last year of French in school.

Also I like the idea of providing longer texts, news articles, stories, and poems to read. Maybe with comprehension questions too?


AFAIK the daily/weekly Mondly lessons are also free: https://blog.mondlylanguages.com/2017/09/26/1000-free-language-lessons/

Try this Google search: "site:duolingo.com mondly".

You might find a very interesting hint in one of those found threads :-)


Yes, I use the daily lessons. Thanks Thomas for sharing, and you're absolutely right. I am a little frustrated with mondly because the daily lesson is only about 2 minutes a day of free content. Better than nothing, but not as good a site as DL.

I caught your hint about typing in "mondly" and getting it free (?) I went to purchase and didn't see an offer code window or place to type it. I didn't purchase. I'll keep it in mind for later.


As Woof said already, Slang would be helpful af

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