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Scottish Gaelic?

Hey, I've seen that on Duolingo there is welsh and Irish but no Scottish Gaelic? If anyone can speak it please can you start up an incubator as I would like to learn the language and I bet many more will as well... This could also be a good thing for the language to attract more people... It will also be quite easy to set up as the template is there with the Irish one as well just need to find contributors

September 28, 2017



There is another discussion about Scottish Gaelic here. If you're interested in Duolingo adding a new course, check out this guide.

Hope this helps! =)



Also, you have to apply to start a course on the Incubator, and (for whatever reason) Duolingo doesn't often accept applications to start a course.


Maybe it requires more resources or staff commitment on their end. shrug If you survey the guide NoNoEsImposible and I linked to, you will likely find a bunch of reports of people applying to create a language course and not getting accepted. It's a bit of a mystery how they select courses; the Haitian Creole course seemed to pop up out of nowhere without much demand, while courses like Finnish and Latin have been requested ad nauseam for years to no avail.


Yes! I strongly second that, I want to learn Scottish Gaelic too


Yes! Its also quite frustrating to me as all the other Celtic languages are their just not the one from my country that i would love to learn! :(


Thank you for posting some alternative resources for the meantime, woof.!

I wish I could take on more languages at once because I would definitely dive into Scottish Gaelic. I've recently started learning about my mother's family line, Clan Fraser of Lovat. I'm sad that not a single word of Scottish Gaelic was passed down to me. Actually, it is quite frustrating that I was only raised with English when my two strongest family lines are Cherokee (Dad's side) and Scottish (my mom's side).

I don't plan to adopt children to pass my language studies forward to. But, I did recently learn that one of my best friends is going to have a kid. So, between me and her (mostly her), I'm pretty sure this kid is going to grow up speaking 4 languages. :D


Your a moderator? is their anyway you can get Duolingo to give the course a green light... on other discussions people are saying they have sent in a request but has had no answer


Unfortunately, the Incubator isn't my area. It is somewhat obscure to me how Duolingo selects what to add and when. If I wanted to add a course, I would have to follow the route of the others, be bilingual, good at working on a team, be willing to volunteer many hours a week, and submit an application saying all of that. I am no bilingual :(

Duolingo only sends responses when their answer is in the affirmative and they have decided they are ready for that course to be added to the Incubator.


Thank you all for your help! I'll check out the websites some of you guys have linked :)

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