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Germans and why sometimes they scare me.

Hi everyone. I thought I'd post something on something that I've feared for a very long time. It started when I started learning German. And since then it's grown! They scare me cause even someone who's a German who speaks English with an accent sounds so interesting. And I'm scared of people telling the German that I'm learning German and they try to speak to me. This is beginning to get better as I've begun to be able to talk, not so well but hold an average conversation. But as an Australian, I also find Germans very straight to the point, sometimes too straight. This is not a bad thing or a slight on Germans but I'm not used to it. I don't want anyone to think that I hate Germans or that I don't like Germans, No Indeed!! However this is something that I have found quite difficult.


September 28, 2017



Hi Cluney,

Keine Angst! Bitte keine Angst! Ich freue mich, wenn Du meine Sprache lernst! Fehler sind egal.

Look. We go to school and we have to learn english. It's a fact. Because english you need (usually) english in your jobs and you can talk to the people in the world. I sit with guys from China, Japan and Spain together, we could talk because we all learned english at school (more or less^^).

But hey! There are not many reasons to learn german to be honest. So if somebody, like you, wants to learn AND to understand my language it's a complement for me. And I know many germans feel the same like me. It takes years to learn a language. And even when I travel to other parts of my country I hear words/phrases I never heard before and I don't understand. German is really not a simple language.

So, don't care about any mistakes you could make. I appreciate your interest in my language and in my country! F**** the grammar and don't think of mistakes. Have fun! And don't get me wrong it's ok to try to learn grammar and spelling of a language in a correct way, that's why we here in this forum and at duo but it's not the most important thing.

I was married to a guy from Jugoslavia. I remember very well my first trys to speak this language. Every word felt like a big failure. But they were only happy because I tried.

With the germans it is the same. Your will to learn german weights much more than your mistakes you (maybe) make.

best regards your Angel

Ps. Yes we say what we think. We are straight to the point. But on the other side you get what you see^^. It it comforts you, we (krauts*g) get tangeled up in this kind of "small talk" it's common in many other countrys.


I love this reply!

I remember when I first started chatting to a German on Facebook and she asked me where I learned German. I told her in high school. She said she wasn't aware that German was a mandatory class and I told her it wasn't. She asked, "Freiwillig??" She was amazed that anyone would want to learn German because English is used so much world-wide. We've been chatting ever since.


Thanks. For some reason I thought you were a guy but I guess 'redangel' being a guy is just something I assumed without any evidence. Sorry my bad. That's okay I'm not new to being talked to very straight. My mum's Dutch so it's funny watching my Mum and Dad having a 'conversation'. Dad:I think it would be to our greatest interest if we do it this way. Mum:No I don't think so. So I understand this way of speaking. I thank you for your encouragement. Learning German is very good and I realize the grammar is hard. One thing I think about German grammar is less it's hardness and more just the scale of everything you have to learn. It's not difficult it's just a lot to learn. Thanks a lot!!


Don't worry! As long as you make no mistakes no one will blame you!


I make mistake like that with my french. As long as you understand them.


I'm still learning. So sometimes even understanding is hard.


What I think is amusing - I am not at all nervous speaking German to a German-speaking person who has very little knowledge of English. I do get nervous speaking German to a German-speaking person who is very skilled in the English language.


This does actually make sense. If they can speak English really well then you feel like you're worse at speaking German than they are at speaking English. This makes you feel like they're looking down on you. Egleast for me


Ohh, our German mentality. Don't be scared please!

A lot of us are really happy to hear that someone is learning German and speaking to us, even with an accent! Even Germans see German as a really difficult language, so we'll not be too hard on anyone, if they mess up cases, we'll just be happy you're trying (and to be honest, a lot of us mess up grammar too and avoid the Genetiv like a plague).

All of us Germans have to learn a foreign language in school. Some of us are better at it than others, but all know that it's not something you do overnight.

Of course there can also be arrogant folks, who don't like to bother with anyone not being fluent, but you really shouldn't care about them anyway. I doubt you'd miss too much by not having conversations with them!

Nur Mut!


I spent some time in Germany and Austria after studying German for only two semesters in college. I found the German and Austrian people delighted that I was trying to speak their language. It made for some hilarious conversations and I even had one grandmother grabbing my cheeks (gently) and trying to help me pronounce a word.

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