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Does Duo offer any practice on the use of Modal Particles?

Have ran into two already (doch,mal) and there wasn't a very good Explanation. And severely lacking in how they are used properly. Now I know in the comments a few people had offered good links as to the "Definitions" of these two +the rest of the MPs. But what we need is more, actual practice before we just go out there and make fools of ourselves.

Once again, English is quite lacking in regards to MPs (not suprising to me). Where can we native english speaking People correctly learn, and practice, this insightful Phenomenon?

Maybe Duo will try a seperate Skill for just this thing in the Future...

September 28, 2017



There's a standard framework for language learning in the EU, with levels called A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. I would describe the A levels as 'beginner', the B levels as 'competent' and the C levels as 'advanced'.

Duolingo seems to teach up to the A2 level quite solidly, a decent amount of B1, and occasionally elements of B2. I would say the use of modal particles fits mostly into B2. So, you could consider it as being something 'beyond Duolingo'.

I don't know if Duolingo ever intends to offer (or would be capable of offering) an education up to the higher levels, because once you've got the basics down you need to focus more on interpreting and producing longer written and spoken texts, and the 'slowly slowly' approach of introducing new vocabulary in Duolingo would not keep up with the expected vocabulary of those higher levels.


But these Particles are things that are used consistently throughout spoken and written German. I see them used quite often in german Twitter.

If we can't practice here, where should we turn to?


Language classes? :) Duolingo is an introduction to learning a language, not a pathway to master one. At some point you'll have to take the next leap!


Agree. I would love clearer explanations for these, as well as more opportunity to practice.


Hi Nick, I unterstand you very well. I wish there would be a couse that I could learn that in english.

In the first place the only help I can offer you is that post. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24449156

If you have further questions don't hesitate to post. I don't think duo has any course or lesson for that.

best regards Angel


Awesome idea of having a separate Skill for modal particles! I never saw the term "modal particle" in German classes in high school or college - only learned of the term via this Duolingo forum.

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Here is an interesting article on the German model particles aber, ja, wohl, doch, halt, schon, mal, nun, and denn.


Ich hoffe, es hilft.

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