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French Basics.

Now awhile back, I saw some guy learning German do this, and since nobody has made one for French yet, I am going to do it.

Hello: Bonjour.

Goodbye: Au revoir.

Man: Homme.

Woman: Femme.

Boy: Garçon.

Girl: Fille.

(Male) Dog: Chien.

(Female) Dog: Chienne

(Male) Cat: Chat.

(Female) Cat: Chatte.

He: Il

She: Elle

How are you? Ça va bien ? (With symbols such as: ! and ? there is a space between the word, and the symbol. This doesn't work for periods.)

How is it going? Comment ça va ?

Good night: Bonne nuit.

I hope this helped any learners, or even people who just want to practice, And if more phrases and words are requested I shall place them in. Darth Solo out.

September 28, 2017
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