"They will lose a gift"

Translation:Watapoteza zawadi

September 28, 2017

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Why is this in a Present skill? Oh, maybe because they are losing a gift, or a "present!" That's funny good one Duo, figured it out while complaining about it.


Lol, I honestly don't think that's why. The Swahili course was rushed to be released, so the quality of the beta version is lower than most beta courses.


Haha, yeah but I thought about it as I was complaining and thought it was pretty funny.


I have a funny story about impromptu translating English and German between a Hungarian and a Turk who had just given the Hungarian free food ... and the word "Gift", which means "poison" in German ... cut to me explaining reassuring both sides that there was no poison in the food and never any insinuation that there was, while making a big mess of everything and making everyone uneasy.


Nice experience to relate :)


Kupoteza is to lose Kupotea is to get lost

Kind of confusing... similar words with similar meanings.


But in Swahili they are similar words but different pronounced

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