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I lost my streak, but did my practice!

I recently lost my streak on my account. Yesterday I completed my lesson offline in the morning but was connected to WiFi in the afternoon so it should have transferred over....But it didn't. I woke up this morning and was about to do Duolingo when I realised that my streak was on 0! I am very disappointed that this has happened because I have kept my streak since the very first day that I had it and I had a 175 day streak and it disappeared. If there is something that could be done for me to get my streak back that would be AMAZING.


September 28, 2017



I also lost my 102 day streak today. I opened the app for practice, it showed 102 days and suddenly it became 0.


Does anyone know a way to contact Duolingo because it's not my fault I lost the streak and I worked really hard to keep this up...?


send an email to them with swear words idk

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