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I have a question

How long has everyone been using Duolingo? Was it useful? Did it help you throughout your school years? Is it worth using?

September 28, 2017


[deactivated user]

    I've been using Duolingo (Spanish) for 2 or 3 years. It's not as good as having a human teacher, but is good for practice. I would say try it out for a month or so...at best, it's a useful tool and helps you out; at worst you get some practice. Duo Stories and the chat feature on the mobile version are (in my opinion) fun, and worth the time. I used (and am still using) Duo for highschool Spanish. It works. I think a class provides better instruction through interaction...but I'm an extrovert, so that may just be me.

    [deactivated user]

      Also to add...I don't even log in every week, unlike some of the polyglot users.


      I've been using Duolingo for about two years, and It's helped immensely.


      I moved to hawaii in the middle of my freshman year and before i moved i took french. Well they didn't offer that class at my new school, so for the past two years i've been using duolingo to stay up to speed. Then when i moved back to where i live now, i signed up for french 3...which is probably a mistake but we'll see!! It's been a while but Duo has helped a lot


      I have been using it for about 2 years on and off for school I just made a new account on my own but i find it helpful if you stick with it and review the lessons you've completed so you don't forget


      3 years consecutively. I'm no longer in school and haven't been for years, but it's a great learning tool. I have learned so so much and it's been much easier and more motivating than many other ways I've tried over the years.


      I'm in Spanish 5, duolingo helped me a lot in the beginning and is now good for review.


      I've been using it since last October. Yes, it has been and will be extremely useful! But I don't use it for school. Yes, it is totally worth using!!!


      I have been on Duolingo For 8 months. I only do this for fun. I have not been able to use my Portuguese yet so not very useful in every day life. It gives me things to do and is fun so it is worth using. :)


      I've been using Duolingo for only a few months but it is sooo helpful! I've done another Latin American Spanish program too, and it's good doing both as they target different things. Definitely worth using!


      About a year and I think it is a good resource for gaining meta-linguistic knowledge; but, I think it is important to acknowledge its limits and not use it alone if meaningful language learning is ones goal. I think for a lot of people it is 'trendy' to know a little bit in another language, and duolingo can be a way to appear that way and have little practical knowledge.

      I can say it has been one of my primary resources for learning portuguese, especially the vocab. Though I have practiced the language a lot outside of duolingo. Now, after 9 months of studying portuguese at different intensities—and remember, I have used other resources—I would say I have functional portuguese skills. My strong knowledge of Spanish grammar plays a large part in this (I am fluent in this language), but year I think duolingo is useful resource to get vocab, some exposure to a language, and some ok grammar; but it is a piece in the puzzle and instead of saying it is not everything, I like to look at it for what it is and utilize the other resources that I know about.


      I agree. I think Duolingo is good for a first step towards learning a new language, the next thing to do would be to visit the country and immerse yourself in the language and culture.


      Sí, acuerdo contigo que inmersión es un muy buen idea; pero recuerda: nosotros vivimos en un mundo donde somos muy conectados—por lo bueno o lo malo—y se puede encontrar otra gente con quien se puede practicar.

      But yeah in general, yeah. If I really want to learn portuguese, I need to be speaking it and hearing it regularly; that is the connection for tangible language utilization.


      Cierto. Tengo un montón de amigos que hablan un poco de español, también puedo practicar con mi familia. ¡Es muy útil cuando alguien en su familia es un hablante nativo! Tienes mucha cultura también. Y es importante practicar todos los días.


      Ahhhhh. Esto es genial. Especialmente para tener alguien en su familia; no tengo una familia así pero me encantaría tener una Española. Estuve en España hace un poco más que un año, y para estar en EEUU no es lo mismo porque no puedo conversar con cualquier persona en la idioma. Pero es cierto, hay gente, pero son menos y eso no me encanta.

      También creo que estes foros son buenos espacios para practicar. Estoy aprendiendo português, y a veces intento responder a las preguntas de la gente brasilera. Si ya sabes español português es fácil, en general (como todo en el mundo, es un poco más complicado que eso).


      I can't wait to visit countries to learn more of the languages! Also, writing helps you learn. I write letters in Spanish, although I'm not good enough yet to do it on my own I use google translate and then copy it out by hand. It's all learning! Then when I receive the reply letters I read what I can before translating them.


      Oh, and duolingo provides dopamine hits which are nice in the short term, but I do not feel are good in the long term, but I don't think you have knowledge of or are asking about neurotransmiters :). I hope my response provides a unique perspective and some information for you.


      I've only been using it for two weeks, and yes it hasn't definitely been helpful. I've been learning Hebrew for 2-3 yrs now, and to start, I was learning it from books. But after a while I wasn't retaining anything. Then this school year, I started using Duolingo, and I'm actually learning!!!! This website is so worth it! It has been so much help to me!

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