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Calendrier or Calendaire?

I noticed that there were different versions among my classmates so far on this word. Which one is correct?

September 28, 2017



un calendrier is a noun, calendaire is an adjective.


Tu as répondu plus vite que moi. Exact, camarade.


Calendrier is a name: Un calendrier, le calendrier.

Calendaire is a qualifying adjective (it is an adjective that does not belong to the current language, it is a word of the legal or administrative language)


Wordreference doesn't even list "calendaire" as a word in French (http://www.wordreference.com/fren/calendaire ) So unless it's a recent addition to the French language, I regret to inform you that your classmates who use "calendaire" are wrong. :/

Edit: However, Wikipedia does have an article on "Calendar Day." (https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jour_calendaire ) I'm not sure if the spelling of "calendar" is specific for the holiday or not. Also it's Wikipedia, where anyone can write anything, so take this as you will. ;)


I use calendrier and thats what shows up in google

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