"Ve kterém domě bydlíš?"

Translation:In which house do you live?

September 29, 2017

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I am going to agree, that Czechs do not really use building for living spaces. They say house, even if in English you would say "an apartment building", or "panelaky jsou taky domy". "Dum" I would argue means a building with living quarters, as well as a single family residence in normal speech.


In normal speech, we often use the colloquial "barák" for all kinds of houses and buildings :)) I'm not sure I would ever call a panelák "dům" though - I would either say "panelák" or "barák".


I certainly would, even though I normally speak in Common Czech.

[deactivated user]

    I wrote, "Which building do you live in?" Isn't that correct? How would you ask (in Czech), "Which building do you live in?"


    budova = 'building'

    dům = 'house'

    [deactivated user]

      Sometimes. But very often dům refers to an apartment building that English speakers would never call a house (Americans at least).


      I said "What house do you live in" and it was rejected. Why?


      "What" is too loose for me here. Který is really which. But I am not a native English speaker, and I do know that in practice peiplee use "what" in a wide range of contexts.


      I submitted "Which house do you live at?" and it was marked wrong. Is this okay or is there some nuance I'm missing?


      One normally lives in a house. Native English speakers can correct me if I am wrong.

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