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"Ваш двор большой или маленький?"

Translation:Is your courtyard big or small?

September 29, 2017



"Is your yard big or little?" should be acceptable.


I believe the norm in English is to contrast big with little, and large with small (the former pair being more subjective, and the latter more objective.) Big versus small is somewhat jarring.


I remember once noticing the signs on the restroom doors at a restaurant. They were Women and Gentlemen. No! Ladies and Gentlemen or Women and Men but please don't mess with my head by mixing them up when I am in a hurry.


That might be a British convention. In North America I can affirm that "big" and "small" are the usual words.


Also being in North America I can affirm that American English speakers are inconsistent in this regard. So I ask, what word would you use as an antonym of little? I expect you would say big.


Courtyard in English refers almost exclusively to an outdoor space surrounded by building structure- is this the case with "двор" or is it more generally "yard"?


Examples from Russian literature courtesy of Yandex: Но меня даже не пустили во двор. - But they wouldn't let me into the yard. Он вошёл во двор. Налево потом. - He went into the courtyard, then turned left. I seems like it is used in both instances.

I also have seen courtyard used in English to refer to any outdoor area where the only access is through a building, not necessarily a space surrounded by buildings. I would say courtyard, yard, back yard are pretty much the same thing.

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