B2 Level

Has anyone done self study at this level? If yes, can you please recommend few good books I can refer to and possibly some good resources to help me learn as well as prepare for the exam. Would love to know any tips you might have as well. Thanks in advance for your help :)

September 29, 2017

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If you're a book person I would recommend two books to you:

Intermediate German (A Grammar and Workbook) ( )

Mastering German Vocabulary ( )

For listening comprehension you could find these podcasts cool:

Otherwise on B2 level you should be able to start to absorb any material out there, so German wikipedia and any books written in German for reading, some german TV archives for watching, German TV shows...
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Hi ally.x, the podcasts are a good resource. Thanks. Although, the speakers might have a strong Swiss accent (especially the second one). Nevertheless it is a good resource to hear and learn. Do you know of any other podcasts that are in the 'Hoch Deutsch' accent?
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In those two podcasts Andrea has really nice clear German, when it comes to Helene she does have a bit of an accent but it didn't bug me at all, maybe try to skip few first episodes, she is not a radio person so she was kinda raw in the beginning but soon got better with her speaking on the microphone.

As for other resources, any DW (Deutsche Welle) podcast should be good.

Thanks ally :) That info was really helpful. I'm definitely a book person, shall check them out! :-)

To prepare for the exam you should buy the specific materials for B2, some of them are availible online, Goethe has good resources. To learn for this level I think has the best free resources. You need to talk, listen and write. You can get your writings corrected in and just listen to TV. podcasts etc. and try to take mock tests.

The Goethe Institute has many resources online, e.g. for B2. This site (site in Dutch, links not?) also has lots of links for preparation

Reading Harry Potter

kann mir jemand helfen. Ich möchte, dass jemand in der Lage ist, Text auf Deutsch zu schreiben

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