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To ''shout back''?


I know the word for ''shout'' in French... but what is the best translation for ''shout back'', if such words can even be translated? I haven't been able to find a very trustworthy answer on google. Let's say your friend is being shouted at by someone in an argument, and you want to say to him ''don't shout back''.

« Ne crie pas de même », « ne récrie pas »... two complete guesses. WordReference certainly doesn't like the second.

September 29, 2017



Simply, and the closest literally: "Ne lui réponds pas en criant".

"Ne te mets pas à crier comme lui"="Don't start shouting like he does"
"Ne te mets pas à lui crier dessus"="Don't start shouting at him"
"Arrête de lui crier dessus"="Stop shouting at him"
You could also say: "Ne hausse pas le ton" which simply means "Don't raise your voice" but is mainly used when there is some arguing involved.


I would say "ne réplique pas" but it only means to stop arguing, not shouting... It's pretty hard to translate!


Okay thanks. Yes I had doubts about the translation too. Réplique is probably close enough.


Mais où donc se trouve Marc ?

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