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I have trouble doing the accents

I'm trying to learn french but for some reason I can't do the accents well, at all really. I can do the basic d'accord and words without an accent. But I have trouble making that guttural sounds. Saying fromage for example I can't do with the accent on the r. Are there any tips anyone has to do it?

September 29, 2017



Don't get discouraged because you have an accent. Just practice your pronunciation, and as you get more used to the language it will fade. And even people who have strong accents can make themselves understood.


Literally just pretend you have mucus in the back of your throat and you want to get it out.

That is how I've been able to do the accents in French (I've taken 2 years in school and just started on duolingo)


speak french more, then you'll get it better. Also try speaking with french people more.

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