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Podcast Recommendation


I've been learning French for three months now, on Duolingo and every other free resource I've been able to find on the internet. I've been studying for about three to four hours each day and I'm now able to write and understand simple written French. It's taking me a bit longer to understand spoken French, though, and I've not really graduated past Peppa Pig en français yet, no matter how much I try to follow what's going on on France 24.

However, I've just found a great YouTube podcast that has given me some hope and confidence in my listening ability. It's designed for learners and covers interesting topics in slow and simple French. There's also a transcript of each podcast to follow along with.

The podcast hasn't got many views but I'm finding it really useful and informative so I wanted to share it with you guys.



September 29, 2017



ahh merci pour les podcasts!! J'apprendre le français à l'école et il faut que j'améliore mon écoute pour l'examen. Si vous avez besoin de pratiquer le français en plus de duolingo et podcasts, il y a un "chatroom" que j'ai fait à aider des gens qui veulent pratiquer le français. Voila, le link qui explique le chatroom plus profondément: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24618469$comment_id=24625482

en anglais (just in case my french makes no sense cause I suck at french): Thanks for the podcasts! I'm learning French at school and i need to improve my listening for my exam. If you are in need of practicing french in addition to duolingo and podcasts, there is a chatroom that I made to help people who want to further practice their French. Here is the link that explains more:



The site you linked is great! There are very few sites which give opportunity for intermediate learners to listen to french spoken by a native at a slower pace, where the majority of the words can be understood. This gives the opportunity for one's brain to make the link with unknown words, given the context, which is what we are told is key. Thanks very much for sharing


That's exactly what I thought, too! I've been following along with the transcripts and for the first time, I feel like I can actually understand French and my efforts haven't been in vain. It's quite exciting. I'm really pleased you found it useful!


Wow! Thank you very much!


Thank you for sharing this podcast. The transcript is very useful. Have a lingot.


thank you for sending the link to those videos I really suck at french but now I am actually not the worstand Im actually getting the lessons done so thanks


I realized you are following me but why you have way more xp and level?

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