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Feedback on Korean Course

So I've been living in South Korea for about a month now and I was very excited to hear Duolingo releasing Korean for English speakers! So today I started learning it and I have some feedback on it.

I started the basic course, but some exercises seem out of place. For example, the first level teaches you "아" and "이" then asks you to translate "아이". How would I now? All I know is that it's read as "ah-ee" or something like that, but I wouldn't know what it translates into.

IMO, the course should start by learning Hangul 한굴 characters first, like vowels and consonants, and then you start going deeper.

For now, it seems like the only way to advance on Duolingo's Korean is by making a lot of mistakes, which I don't know if it's helpful at all.

September 29, 2017



I agree with your on the fact that Hangul characters should be learned first. I started learning Korean because Duolingo released it in beta, but I used other resources to get the hang of the characters before eventually coming back to Duolingo's alphabet sections.

However, I think that the fact that you got "아이" without first being explained what it means in not a Korean Duolingo problem, but more of a Duolingo problem in general. I've encountered this in German too.

I would argue though that making mistakes is a great way to learn, althought some people might be pushed back by that.


Click/tap the word and it'll give you the translation.


This is the main way that Duolingo introduces new vocabulary. When a word appears for the first time, it is orange, and you can click on it to see the translation.


I noticed the same. Several words pop up right in the middle of the alphabet testing: child this raincoat maybe others...

This doesn't follow the pattern of other DuoLingo courses, which introduce all words prior to testing on them. I serendipitously stumbled onto the option to click on the word and have it offer a translation, but this is a hint - not a teaching tool. The first introduction should be a clear teaching moment.


I've noticed with the Korean course, many words that are shown for the first time aren't highlighted or available for the "tap to translate" feature. It's very frustrating at times, but if you're far enough in the course, you should be able to use process of elimination from the words you already know. Of course, this isn't the most efficient thing in the world, but I'm sure the Korean team is working hard on fixing anything like this


I'm sorry, is the Korean already available? It hasn't even been released as a beta version O_o


Available on iPhone and Android since September 7th

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