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  5. "Muž, žena nebo dítě?"

"Muž, žena nebo dítě?"

Translation:A man, a woman, or a child?

September 29, 2017



It's such a fun learning Czech being a Russian speaker :) Three false friends in a single phrase. Muž (муж) - husband, žena (жена) - wife, nebo (небо) - sky :-D


In czech "nebo" is "or". The "sky" is "nebe" :-)


Good to know )) Thanks!


And it is tough for a person learning both Russian and Czech at the same time(Only on these false friends though)


It is the same in Croatian as Russian. While I sorted out muž and žena early, I keep wondering "why nebo?"... More practice needed. :D


I'm not too surprised that man/woman in Czech can mean husband/wife in other related Slavic languages - for example in French femme can mean both woman and wife


Why isn't it: “A man, woman or a child." ? Seems unnecessary to use an article repetitively in a list.


"A man, woman, or child?" is accepted.

If yours is missing, you should use the report button.


Are the articles necessary for some reason? "Man, woman or child" is marked as wrong.


Hmm. "Man, woman, or child" is accepted, and has been for at least a year. We have no current report for it. That said, Duo's grading system seems to have become somewhat unreliable lately.


Ok, thank you for clearing that up for me! I'll report it next time, then. That's not just the grading system, I've been trying several times to verify my email without succes ( but i didn't care until today). I just now verify using an android device instead of my computer...

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