"Do you like dancing, too?"

Translation:Tanzt du auch gern?

September 29, 2017



What is wrong with Magst du auch Tanzen. Duo marked it wrong.

September 29, 2017


1) While it is not idiomatic, it is not wrong per se. But:
2) It sounds very much like Magst du (auch) tanzen? which is polite way to ask for a dance.
3) If you want to use the verb mögen, you need to introduce an impersonal es:
Magst du es auch zu tanzen?

September 29, 2017


Is that why "tanzen sie auch mögen" isn't correct either?

April 30, 2018


why not "tanzt du gern auch"

November 19, 2018


"auch" is usually written (or said) in front of the part which it refers to. In this case it emphasis the fact that one likes to dance. If I wanted to emphasis "du" I could say: "Tanzt auch du gerne?" But this is not the meaning of this duo sentence.

December 10, 2018
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