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Warum Im ?

Im Wahlkampf wurde Digitalisierung kaum diskutier. Why is it here Im Wahlkampf?

September 29, 2017



Here's some useful information Example: 'Der Frosch, The frog.' 'Ich bin in DEM Frosch. I am in the frog.' The Der goes to dem because when you're in something it is dative but I don't think this counts for when you go into something. Like jzsuzsi said Im = in dem. Therefore 'Ich bin IM Frosch.' I am in the frog 'There you have it. This applies for words that use das and der but not for words that use die.

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Is this from the perspective of a fly, for instance? Strange sentence.


Yea probably. It was a bit strange but it works. ES WAR EINE FLIEGE!

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Im Wahlkampf wurde die Digitalisierung kaum diskutiert. In the (IN DEM= IM) election campaign, digitization was hardly discussed.

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